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The hidden innermost gift

1st person:What’s your talent?

2nd person:Oh i don’t have one…😣

1st person:But that can’t be possible… Everyone got a talent😯

2nd person:Not really…Im good at nothing😥

1st person:Dont say that;U are definitely perfect at something.Ull figure it out soon if u want to…😏

2nd person:Okay so let’s wait and see.🤔

So that was a short conversation between two friends…And as you can read one of them is convinced he doesn’t have a talent…The truth is many of us don’t know we have talents, we don’t know what we are capable of doing, we don’t know our potentials…We might know but deep within us due to some reasons, refuse to accept it.

Okay so reason why we don’t see our talent is because we are too busy investing into things that don’t help us…we give in too much into what’s not relevant…At times we know in our hearts that what we are doing is not going to help us move but we refuse to accept it cus we hold on to it so tight…It is important to take some time on your own, ask yourself questions…Get to see what passionates you the most, look for all means to voice it out. No need to hide if you are good at something show yourself out no matter what they may say..

Above all it is your God given gift…Some people are good at making others laugh naturally, hairstyling, makeup, painting and graphics, manicure and pedicure, good athletes, good dancers, singers, djs, advicing, etc…And the list continues…Your gift may not come out soon but it will start small by small when you get to see how your heart is interested in something so much… And then when you start you get to see people encouraging you to continue…At a start trust me it isn’t easy at all…But like the saying goes “practice makes perfect”;so the more you practice the more you get perfect at it.

Every single person is born with this innermost gift so when i hear someone say that he or she doesn’t have any talent i always tell them to seek deep within themselves they will find one…having a talent does not mean that you must know how to dance or sing or be an athlete or a star…There are so many talents out there;like i listed above and even more…

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F. R. I. E. N. D. S

This common word misused by most of us because we think it is just a word attributed to anyone…Have you ever questioned yourself on why you get betrayed each day by the people you call your “friends? “Try to think about it..someone enters your life you open up to that person, you trust him/her, you can put your hand on the fire that that person cannot betray you but the next minute….total disappointment….why?

Well ill just say that’s because you were in a rush to call this person your friend or to put this person on your friend list… It is not easy i know, cus wen someone seems so kind to us we tend to easily open up without being sure about that person…

I understand why some people prefer to be introverts, they rather preserve themselves to avoid being hurt…

Likewise being an extrovert too is a good thing to an extent… If you know what you doing… Okay so let’s jump to the matter itself.. Let’s see who has to be called a “friend”😎

Who is a friend?

A friend is that person who;

-stands by you always and never let’s you down no matter the situation.

-tells you the truth even if it is painful.

-protects your name and image in public.

-you can trust and trusts you too without ever judging you on anything.

-knows you more than any other person.

-is always with you in the most difficult moments of your life and understands you.

-can tell when your heart is in tears but you put on that smile to the public.

-is a family to you and always has your back and always there for you.

-tries to help you spiritually, financially, emotionally, academically to his/her own extent and gives you the best advices as though he/she was the one going through the situation, would do.


There is not much to say today, but please mind you the word friend should be merited… It’s better you have just one true friend than 10k fake friends…Test and see when you are going through dark times, those who will stand by you to help and console you…nowadays people will just enter your life because they want to get something from you and as soon as they get it they’ll dump you and you who thought they were your friends will just have your eyes to cry.

Some people who enter your life too could be that they are jealous of you and want to ruin you and spoil your image… They’ll act so kind and lovely but they are fake.

Trust me from experience not all friends are who they claim they are.. Be very wise and picky in who you call a friend… You have acquaintances, people you just met, classmates, roommates, etc..but not all are you friends… Be in constant communication with God and He will help you out on showing you who is who…

A lot of fake people are there these days… Be at your guards…with God everything is possible, ask Him and He will show you their real colours and you’ll get to know who is that true friend.

To all my true friends….i love you💋

How lack of confidence influenced her life…

So it all started when this young pretty gurl had a serious complex about her physical look…she felt she didn’t fit in, that others couldn’t see anything nice about her, she thought that she was the worst being on earth and started questioning herself as to why she is alive…

Her surrounding, very close pals especially, tried to make her gain her confidence perhaps she still couldn’t get her self confidence…

The impact this had on her was that she had great ideas in mind, hidden talent, but couldn’t express herself out to the public…. She had always kept herself in her comfort zone and fell no one would appreciate what she could do.
She felt no guy even would get interested in her… No matter how much they told her she was pretty she didnt believe them… She really was not confident at all… 😰

She felt no guy even would get interested in her… No matter how much they told her she was pretty she didnt believe them… She really was not confident at all… 😰

After sometime when she got to open herself up to some few people and voicing out, with the help of God n friends,she was able to get some confidence and started believing in herself…she started loving herself and feeling she could fit in…

While trying to gain some more courage she started up with some projects she had long wanted to voice out.. Okay she felt discouraged at the beginning but with time got to understand that when doing those things, patience is a primordial factor. 🙃she became more n more open and gaining more confidence in herself… And then could she realise that she was more tban what she thought..

Lack of confidence is a very big problem in life… Once complex about something has set in that is just the end… You deprive yourself of alot. You dont see a reason to life.. We are all different people on earth to do different things. So then if you try to compare yourself with someone else you will feel like you are far less than the person, not even knowing what is going on in the person’s life. Have your self confidence and project yourself to higher heights.

Do not envy anyone or be jealous of that person cus that is a sign of lack of confidence..

Most often this happens when you feel like “i’m not like him or her”, “i can never be like him or her”, “im not up to the standard”… Etc

These are statements or thoughts that are not suppose to hold or be found anywhere in your mind…you are who you are and nothing will ever change that…Build yourself into what you like or wanna be or will love to be like…once you’ve done that then you’ll enjoy being you and wont see a reason why you should try and compare yourself to anyone else…

Never settle for less(my ladies)

As a lady we have the tendency of giving excess love to guys who don’t deserve it. We tend to do things that lowers our standards all that because we want the guy to love us, forgetting that guys love girls only if they want to… You could be the most beautiful on earth, the best cook, the best partner in bed,…etc but if he decides not to love you then all those characteristics dont matter…

Guys are very complex in as much as ladies too, but you have to know your standards, your worth and your value and don’t settle for less. Once you show a guy that you are desperate and that you can die for him, he takes advantage and may treat you like trash… Clear signs show us that, but we refuse to accept it because of the power of the blindness in love..

As it is believed that “love is blind”

You are more than that, there is more to life… Invest yourself in what makes you happy, your hobby, work out something new and find a way to be successful and independent in life… Dont sit and think your life is dependent of a man… You are the key to your happiness,dont wait to be in a relationship before you are happy… We are bound to be sad and get heartbreaks but that should not be a hinderance to what you are meant to do and meant to be…

Self love, best love

Many at times we have this feeling that if others dont love us then there is a problem with us… Let’s take it from there, actually there is a problem with you if you have that feeling… If you don’t love yourself how do you expect someone else to love you. In some cases even they may actually do love you., but due to the fact that you dont have confidence in yourself you won’t see or feel the love…

You must start by loving yourself, by that i mean accepting your faults and shortcomings, accepting and appreciating yourself the way you are.. You may be tall, short, fat, slim, dark skinned, light skinned… All that doesnt matter..love yourself the way you are… Your looks wont be the reason why a person wont love you if it’s real love…

We most often leave ourselves to be complexed about one thing on ourselves… when you have finally decided to love yourself as you are then you shall start feeling love from your entourage and from that special one…i will go on to give a life experience in the following blogs….